Philosophy and Approach to Therapy

I believe life provides us the opportunity for growth and healing rather than being overcome by life’s challenges and difficulties. In order to experience growth, it takes a commitment to do hard work. If you choose to embark upon this kind of journey, it is vitally necessary to have support.

I work with you to clarify the problems you are facing. You are encouraged to build upon your strengths and core values/beliefs. We seek together to understand the connection between your feelings, thoughts and relational/family history. Depending upon the situation, we also look at factors such as gender, age, ethnicity and cultural influences along with societal norms.

Theoretically, I draw from a number of modalities including behavioral and cognitive theories, grief orientation, family theory, Jungian theory, Gestalt theory, mindfulness, relationship theory, creative therapy and spirituality.

The environment in which a person seeks to talk about some of the deepest and most meaningful things in life should be a place where they are comfortable and safe. I provide a private setting in a rural area that puts my clients at ease as they are surrounded by nature.

The therapeutic relationship is of the utmost importance. This relationship is built on the concept of confidentiality, a non- judgmental attitude by me, understanding, empathy and acceptance. I recognize strengths and weaknesses as well as the light and the darkness of the human experience. Sometimes the unspeakable is able to be voiced to another human being and I am privileged to try to provide that for you. You are supported in centering on yourself in order to explore feelings, beliefs, needs and possibilities for growth and healing. The therapeutic relationship is not a friendship. Strong boundaries are maintained in order for the client to remain the focus of the therapeutic relationship. leaf